Our Vision

Trade and Industry Department's vision is realizing the sector (trade and industry sector) that is expected to be progresive, firm, independent, as a core of community-based local economy by the year of 2020

Trade and industry sector is said to be progressive if its production capacity is in line to the market (market oriented) situation, it uses the appropriate technology supported by the skilfull human resources, is able to produce qualified goods, to maintain competitive price and to perform the on time goods dispatch.

Trade and industry sector (Indag) is firm if it is able to keep adapting itself with its environment and trade fair that is getting to improve continually.

Trade and industry sector (Indag) that is independent, marked by its capabilty to improve the self-made industry based on facilities and opportunity provided.

Trade and industry sector as a core of local economy if it involves to give contribution to the process of making PDRB, expor and another economy aspects.

Our Mission

a. Realizing profesional human resources in economy sector.

b. Realizing industry structure and trade fair to become firm in the globalisation era.

c. Improving community-based trade and industry culture.

d. Realizing environment-based trade and industry sector.

e. Realizing indepenent consumer society.