About Denpasar

Imaging from an inspiration, covered wit spirit, willing hard and never ending struggle. Combined with people creativity creating art work, with a high esthetical value.This indeed makes a community of Denpasar countinuouses in competing and producing on the international market.

Denpasar is a capital city of Bali province has been developed as a centre of economic. Its vission as a city which is culturaly decided is carried out and in line with the promotion of exporting and out of all guests, were almost 70 % of bali's industry are located in the area of Denpasar.

The Export commudity progressed of the capital city of Denpasar exist parencing a gradual proggres each year. Tis is indeed is sign that the city still to have a prospective obesious market. But however they are some efforts to improve the quality and productivity. Reffering to that conditions, the Goverment of Denpasar allways earries out the training and promoting that the bussiness means and craftment of Denpasar will be able to compete on the international market.